What is SoundSelf

SoundSelf, first of its kind, induces an ecstatic meditative state. Players use the power of the voice to generate a hypnotic world of light, color, and sound.

SoundSelf will gently lull you into meditation by engaging you in a centuries-old practice called "toning."

You'll breathe deeply and exhale in long extended tones, SoundSelf will produce audio/video feedback to shift you into meditation.

Check out a 20 minute playthrough of SoundSelf to get a better idea about what this is about.

The term "Technodelic" was generated for experiences in this genre. You might be asking yourself "what exactly is a technodelic?"

What is a Technodelic

The SoundSelf team loves to quote Terrance McKenna, specifically one in which accurately predicts the future use of drugs and computers:

The computers of the future will be drugs.
The drugs of the future will be computers.

--Terrance McKenna

A "Technodelic," simply put, is the use modern game technology to mimic the effects of psychedelics through the careful use of light, color, sound, and feedback loops. Using other biofeedback devices, you can put the player into a much deeper immersion. By harnessing these states of awareness, you can create novel experiences that teach individuals in more powerful way. Technolodelics are tools, that if used correctly and with proper intention, can teach skills previously thought impossible through gaming.

The CEO of Andromeda Entertainment, Robin Arnott, created a "Technodelic Manifesto". It goes into much more detail of what exactly a technoldelic is as well giving examples of early technodelics.

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