AVS Setup

Thanks for boldly stepping forward to try the Audio-Visual Stim version of SoundSelf! This is an early prototype: it’s a little clunky to set up and may be buggy. But we're thrilled to share it with you because this combination elevates the experience to an exquisite level!

Glasses supported: MindPlace Kasina or Limina (buy here)
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Step 1: Download the software

Go to buy if you haven't purchased it yet or our AVS download page if you've already purchased it.

Step 2: Make sure you have a microphone and headphones

?SoundSelf uses a microphone to work. You want to use long "ahhhhhhh" tones through the entire experience (beginning when prompted by the guide, and ending when the guide returns to initiate Shavasana).
?A microphone will be included in your hardware package.

Step 3: Set up your Audio Devices and Haptics

?Make sure that the correct microphone and audio output device are selected as your computer’s default input and output before launching SoundSelf. You can use the MindPlace device as your audio output, but the sound quality will not be as good as if you use a different device (i.e. your computer’s built-in audio) as your audio output.
?️You may have to select “USB” mode on the device using the scroll wheel and pushing the main button to select.
?️It must also be in Spectrastrobe/Audiostrobe (SS/AS) mode, which is default, but check anyway.

We recommend using haptics, like an InHarmony Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge, or a Woojer, to enhance the experience. You will need to enable “subwoofer” in the options menu to take advantage of this.

? Plug in both amplifiers to power - you should see the LED lights turn on on both devices.
? Connect the bed unit to the "SUBWOOFER" port on the speaker amplifier using the snake cable.
? Connect the speaker amplifier to your computer headphone jack using RCA-to-Aux cable, plugging the red and white cable into the "audio in" RCA ports on the back of your amplifier.
? Use the RCA-to-RCA cable to connect the "audio out" RCA ports from the speaker amplifier, to the "audio in" RCA ports of the headphone amplifier.
? Plug the included Sennheiser headphones into the front headphone port of the headphone amplifier
? Turn on both the speaker amplifier and the headphone amplifier.
⏱️ Set the volume to the desired loudness level on both amplifier devices. Be mindful that if the subwoofer is loud enough to be picked up by the microphone, it could be interpreted as a player's voice, and interfere with the SoundSelf experience!
⏱️ Set the phase to 0.
⏱️ We recommend setting the crossover frequency on the speaker amplifier to 80 Hz. Feel free to experiment with this, but note that setting the crossover freqency too high could contribute to audio feedback issues in SoundSelf.
? Make sure your computer's headphone port is the default audio output from your computer.
? Playing any test sound from your computer should play through the headphones - and sufficiently low sounds should vibrate the bed.

Step 4: Running SoundSelf

If it’s working correctly, you'll see some lights turn on as soon as the program gets past the load screen.

Step 5: Playing SoundSelf

? Lie down comfortably, with headphones over your ears, the stim glasses over your eyes, and the computer's microphone positioned as close to your voice as is practical. We always use a USB microphone for these purposes, but the computer microphone should work!
Begin the experience with the “begin” button on the computer screen. And away you go! Remember to keep toning through the whole experience (though it’s ok to take breaks sometimes).


  • Is my AVS unit on?
    • Although the glasses control unit looks like it is on, it is only charging, press and hold the power button to turn it on, then select the "USB option".

  • My glasses are still not lit up, now what?
    • Make sure the aux cord that is plugged into the glasses is also plugged into the bottom of the control unit in the aux port with the icon of the glasses directly underneath it.

  • My headphones do not have sound coming out of them once the AVS glasses are lit up, what should I do?
    • Make sure your computer still has your headphones connected to the audio (as it sometimes changes the audio over to the AVS glasses output).

  • I did all these steps and am still unable to run the AVS SoundSelf experience, anything else to be mindful of?
    • Reset SoundSelf after these changes are made